Doris Frances Glover
The NSW Births Deaths and Marriages website has a page devoted to interesting certificates.
One of these is the marriage of 11 year old Doris Frances Glover to 29 year old James Ruben
Munton. There is a link to the certificate but no details of the story behind the marriage. Being
curious I had to look further and was surprised by what I discovered. There was so much more
to Doris's story than her marriage certificate. I thought long and hard about whether to include
her story on this page but I decided that it is only right to for the full story to be known. All of the
following information is available in the public record for anyone who cares to look. If any
descendents of Doris find this page, please known that I have attempted to write it with respect
and  sensitivity for Doris's life.

The Marriage:

James Ruben Munton
aged 27, son of Charles Daniel Munton deceased and Mary Field,
bachelor of Kentucky near Malla NSW labourer born Wauchope NSW married
Doris Frances
aged 11, daughter of August Glover and Isabella Yarnold, spinster of Mooral Creek, a
domestic born Killawarra NSW, on 24th March 1924 at the Taree Court House by William Butt
according to the rites of the Salvation Army.  August Glover, father of the bride gave his
permission. Witnesses were Ernest A Pownceby and James R Michie.

At first this appears to be a regular marriage, albeit of a very young girl with her father giving
permission for his underage daughter to marry a man much older. But all is not what it seems -
read on -

Warning: Terms used in the following reports may be considered racist and therefore
offensive. They are not terms that we use today.

NSW Police gazette dated 23rd January 1924:
Wingham; A warrant has been issued by the Wingham bench for the arrest of
Jim Minton [sic] charged with abducting Dolly Frances Glover 11 out of the possession and
against the will of Isabella Glover, the person having lawful charge of her, at Dingo Creek on
the 9th instant [9th January]. Offender is about 24 years of age, 5 foot 6 inches high, medium
build, dark hair, clean shaven, scar on chin, dressed in light coloured trousers, dark coat and
felt hat. Dolly Frances Glover is 11 years of age, very thin build, tall for her age, black curly
hair, dark brown eyes, may be dressed in a brown, a check or a white dress, and a light green
hat trimmed with braid. Both are half caste aboriginies. May go to Kentucky near Walcha
where offenders parents reside.

NSW Police Gazette dated 6th February 1924:
Wingham: James Munton aged 24, charged with abducting Dorriss [sic] or Dolly Frances
Glover 11 out of the possession and against the will of Isabella Glover, the person having
lawful charge of her, has been arrested by Constable Stennett, Nowendoc Police, on
information supplied by Constanble Stinson of Wingham Police. Further charged with carnally
knowing said Dorriss or Dolly Frances Glover. Committed for trial on both charges at Taree
sessions. Bail allowed.

The Sydney Morning Herald dated 2nd February 1924 reports the following:
WINGHAM.-At the Wingham Police Court,   James Montin [sic], an aboriginal, was committed
for trial on charges of having abducted Molly[sic] Frances Glover, also an aboriginal, 11 years
old. Bail was fixed at £40, or two sureties in £20 each.  

The Morning Bulleton and several other papers dated 26-28 March 1924:
SYDNEY, March 26.
At Taree, James Monton[sic] pleaded not guilty to abducting Frances Glover, aged ll years and
3 months. The girl was called and said that she had married the accused on the day of the
trial and did not wish to give evidence. By direction of the Judge the Jury formally returned a
verdict of not guilty.

Singleton Argus dated 24th March 1941:
When Doris Frances Munton wed Reube Munton, she was 11 years old and the groom 27.
Both are aborigines. In the Divorce Court in Sydney on Friday, Doris sought a divorce on the
grounds of desertion. The case originated from Glen Innes, where Judge Storkey found in the
affirmative on the issues of whether the marriage had taken place and whether the husband
had deserted his wife. On Friday, Justice Bonney said: "Inquiry in this matter has disclosed a
very deplorable state of law and a very deplorable state of public morals. "I propose to have the
papers sent to the Crown Solicitor and I propose to ask him to argue the validity of this
marriage and whether I have power to grant a decree nisi."

Second Marriage: Doris married again after her divorce or annulment:


It appears that Doris and her new husband Reginald had moved to Redfern by 1943 as they
appear on the NSW electoral role at 215 Cleveland street. They had moved to Guildford by
1963 at which time Reginald is recorded as being a cordial maker and Doris as a presser.

Death: Doris died in 1975.