Patrick Callan/Callen: Convict "Pekoe"
Alice Fe

- a convict and his wife from Ireland -
Note: Not to be confused with the CULLEN family of Bunyan!

Patrick Callan was born about 1795 in County Armagh, Ireland. He was a blacksmith and
farrier. He was Roman Catholic and could read.

Alice Fearan/Feran was born about 1805 in Inniskeen, Monaghan, daughter of Patrick, a farm
er, and Mary [both dead by 1849] according to her shipping records
which record her maiden n
ame as Farnan
.   Alice was a laundress. She was Roman Catholic and could not read or write.
e parents Patrick Fearan and Mary Gorman who were baptising other children in
Upper Creggan Armagh around that time. Parish records for 1805 are not available.

Note: The PRONI guide to RC church records suggests that there are no records for Upper
Creggan parish the period 1829 to 1845
. Although transciptions for two baptisms have be at
RootsIreland website it is possible the rest of the baptisms and even the marriage of Patrick
and Alice is in the missing records.

Marriage: Research continues

Children: 5 sons and 1 daughter as per convict indent.

Elizabeth Callan; baptised 4th October 1831, Upper Creggan, County Armagh. Sponsors at
the baptism were John Callan and Ellen Fernan.
[Transcription only at IFHF] Married 1) James
Gillan Byrne  and 2) Martin Engelmann, my great x 2 grandparents.  

Patrick Callan; born about 1833. May have died aged 16 in 1850 [NSW BDM Index
V18501140 117/1850] Cooma/Manaro area [Ancestry] as
Patrick Callen

Thomas Callan; born about 1836. [Note: Not Thomas Callan, son of Patrick Callan and Anne
Keenan[sic] on 26th February 1836 at Tyholland County Monaghan, sponsors John McQuaid
and Sarah McQuaid. This couple married in 1833 Not Thomas Callon/Callan of Jugiong NSW
who was residing in the colony prior to 1849]

Dennis Callan; baptised 1st April 1839, Upper Creggan. Parents Patrick Callan and Allice
Fainham [sic]
Transcription only [IFHF]  May have died in 1871 at Hay aged 33 [NSW BDM
Index 3895/1871] as Denis Callon Armidale Express dated 17th June 1871 reports that Denis
Callon died at 'another station' ]referring to Hay] from disease of the heart.  
 [Note: Not Dennis
Cullen aged 36 who died Queanbyan in 1857]

plus two more sons as per convict indent.

Tithe Applotment Books 1823 - 1837:
Bryan Callan Tavanaghmore, Creggan, Armagh and Louth 1827
Patt Callan Drumbee, Creggan, Armagh and Louth 1827 [Drumboy]
Peter Callan Clonalig, Creggan, Armagh and Louth 1827
Peter Callan Shanmullagh, Creggan, Armagh and Louth 1827
Stephen Callan Anagad, Creggan, Armagh and Louth 1827
Thomas Callan Anagad, Creggan, Armagh and Louth 1827
John Cullin Sytrim, Creggan, Armagh and Louth 1827

Conviction: Patrick Callen [sic] was tried at Market Hill, County Armagh for stealing fowl. He
was convicted on 10th April, 1840 sentenced to 7 years transportation.  Records report he was
married with six children, 5 male, one female. He had no previous convictions. Patrick is
described as being 5' 5" tall, with a dark ruddy complexion, freckled and a little pockpitted.
His hair was black mixed with grey and his eyes were dark hazel. His eyebrows partially met
and he had a scar on the heel of his right hand. He was 45 years of age.

Patrick arrived in Port Jackson on 6th November 1840 aboard the
Pekoe. The Pekoe set sail
from Dublin on 10th July with 184 convicts on board. Seven died enroute. It stopped at Cape
Town to pick up military prisoners.  It was the second last ship to offload convicts in Sydney.
Patrick was assigned to John Wilkinson and Patrick Lonergan.

Ticket of Leave: In 1843 Patrick Callen [sic] is granted a Ticket of Leave. He is in the
Queanbeyan District at the time.

Certificate of Freedom; Patrick Callan [sic] obtained his Certificate of Freedom granted on
27th July 1847.

Patrick applied to have his wife and family brought out to NSW at the expense of the governor.
His application was accepted. His wife's maiden name is recorded as 'Ellen Farnan' and he has
6 children. His wifes residence is recorded as being Co Monaghan Castle Blaney [Castleblaney]

Immigration: Alice came to NSW aboard the Success, arriving in 1849 with daughter Elizabeth
[18] and sons Patrick[16], Thomas [13] and Dennis [10]  Patrick is reportedly living in Sydney
in 1849 as per wife Alice's shipping indent but a further notation says he is a blacksmith
residing at Bung
endore? near Queanbeyan.

Death: Unknown but NOT 2304/1857  CULLEN  ALICE  AGE 35 YEARS  DIED BINALONG  
BINALONG nee Eagan per Ancestry Aust Cemetery Index]

Queanbeyan Age of 29th April 1869 reports that Patrick Callen [sic] was a witness called
before the court in the case of the theft of a safe from Mr Yorke.

Queanbeyan Age Thursday 16th May 1872:
Mysterious Disappearance
- An old man named Patrick Callen, who is well known in this
neighbourhood, and was in the habit of frequently passing up and down the road, is missing
under strange circumstances. From all I can learn, it appears he was making his way through
Jingera when he lost his track, somewhere about Sawpit Gully, at which place it is alleged he
turned his horse loose. Carrying his saddle, and wandering onward, he came to the
homestead of Mrs Corry. After a short stay, he left the place to return for his swag, which he
said, he had planted at Sawpitt Gully. This took place last Sunday week, and the man has not
since been heard of, unless it is that he has turned up at some of the outlying selections
within the last few days. Senior-constable Carrel, accompanied by constable Bamford, scoured
the ranges about Sawpit Gully for three days last week, but they did not succeed in finding
any trace of the missing man.- From the correspondent of the Manaro Mercury.

Research continues...
Patrick Feran and Mary Gorman - unconfirmed at this time. Both dead by 1848 according
to daughter Alice's shipping records.


Daniel Feran
baptised 9th February 1799 Upper Greggan, sponsors Patrick Lawel [sic] and
Bridget Creegan

Mary Feran baptised 13th August 1801 Upper Creggan, sponsors Patrick Kelly and Eleaner


Terrence Feron/Fearon at Legmoylin Amaragh in Tithe Applotment Books 1827
. Married
Ann Callaghan. Children baptied Upper Creggan

Owen Fearon/Fearn etc at Legmoylin Amaragh in Tithe Applotment Books 1827. Married
mary Garlan. Children baptised Upper Creggan