Patrick Burke
Judith/Johanna Keathing/Keating

      - Two Convicts from Ireland -
Last Update 4th June 2013
Patrick Burke was born about 1796/7 at Loughrea, Galway Ireland. His surname was
sometimes spelt Bourke.
Patrick was tried in 1819 in Galway and sentenced to life. He arrived on the
Minerva in 1819.
Minerva departed Cove of Cork on the 26th August 1819, with Captain John Bell, direct
passage to Port Jackson, arriving on the 18th December 1819, with 177 male convicts. Patrick's
occupation is recorded as 'porter'
From The Colonial Secretaries papers:
1819 Dec 30 - On list of convicts disembarked from the
"Minerva" and forwarded to Parramatta
for distribution (Reel 6007; 4/3501 p.145)
1821 Apr 16 -  On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per
"Elizabeth Henrietta" (Reel
6007; 4/3503 p.222)
1821 Nov 17 -  On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per
"Sally" (Reel 6008; 4/3504A p.
Patrick gained his Conditional Pardon in October 1842. 1819 43/318 CP 1 Oct 1842 [4/4443]
780 - 011

Judith Keathing aka Johanna Keating was born about 1801in Bree, Wexford.
Tried 17th March 1828 and convicted of stealing a pig. She was sentenced to 7 years
Arrived on the
Edward in 1829.
Religion: Catholic       
Marital status: Single
Calling/trade: Dairy woman nurse
Learnt to spell in gaol and on board. ‘quiet and inoffensive’
Height: 5’ 1”
Complexion: Ruddy & ?
Hair: Lt Brown
Eyes: Dk Brown
Scar outside left arm.
36/0992 30 Sep 1836 Certificate of Freedom [4/4335; Reel 997]

Marriage: Applied for permission twice:
First on 9th June – 'not allowed until Capn Allman shall enter into a written agreement to keep
both until Burke is free or has a ticket of leave'.
Second on 25th June, approved. 'Cap Allman having entered into an agreement to maintain
both parties until man obtains a ticket of leave'. [at Maitland]
It appears that Patrick and Johanna were married twice. First time in 1830 in a Church of
England ceremony at Christ Church Newcastle as Patrick and Judith [refs V18304943
3B/1830, V1830244 14/1830]     The second time they were married in the Roman Catholic
church in 1832  as Patrick and Johanna [refs V183233  127,128,129/1832]

Children:  - unconfirmed

Frederick Burke baptised 1830  Baptised a second time in 1832.

John Burke, baptised 1831 Baptised a second time in 1832 - died unknown

Patrick Bourke baptised 1834 V1834466 126/1834 Married Mary Higgins

John Burke baptised 1835 V1835363 121A/1835 Married Catherine Maher

Thomas Burke baptised 1837 V1837495 121A/1837 Married Catherine Hayes

Mary A Burke baptised 1838 V18381203 70/1838

Blanche Burke 1844 V18441201 70/1844 Married Hugh Doherty, Orange in 1864

Johanna Burke 1848 V18481202 70/1848.

Johanna died at Brookes Flat in June 1873
A possible death for Patrick is at Morpeth in 1861