George Burgess and Ann Haine/s

a shepherd from Somerset and his wife
There has been extensive work done on the Burgess family in Tasmania which has been published by Annette
Banks. 'The Family of George Burgess and Ann Haines, 160th Anniversary Edition 1814-2002' provides a
wealth of information and I am indebted to all those who helped with its compilation. The following is a brief
summary of the Burgess generations. I recommend that anyone wanting further information seek a copy of
Annette's book.

There has been a family story that some members of the Burgess family, in particular son
Henry Charles born 1848 and daughter Mary Ann born 1851 were Aboriginal. As I get a few
emails from time to time asking about this, I am including a page where I discuss the known
facts and my theories
My Great x 3 Grandparents

George Burgess [senior] was baptised on 27th February 1814 in Chiselborough, Somerset,
England, son of
Samuel Burgess and Ann Crocker. George was a shepherd according to his
immigration details.

Ann Haines was born about 1818 in Somerset, daughter of John Haines according to details
on her marriage certificate.  Probable baptism as Ann Haine on 30th November 1817 at St
Peter and Paul Odcombe, Somerset, parents
John Hain/e and Maria

Marriage: George Burgess and Ann Hains [sic] were married on 25th December 1837, at St
Mary, West Chinnock, Somerset, England. George was aged 24, a bachelor and labourer of
East Field West Chinnock. Ann was aged 19. The grooms father was George Burgess and the
brides father was John Hains. Both fathers were labourers. Witnesses were Simeon Hamlyn
and Elizabeth Purchase. Both made their mark.[Free Reg website]

The 1841 census shows Ann living in East Street, Chiselborough with baby George, a few
doors from  doors down from her parents in-law. I have been unable to find George.

Immigration: George and Ann and the first two of the children came to Australia sponsored
by the
Launceston Immigration Aid Society under the Bounty Scheme on the Royal
. They arrived in Launceston on 22nd November 1842 and were assigned to Mr
Jennings of Kelso.  George's occupation was listed as Shepherd. His wages were listed as ?52
without rations.  Neither George nor Ann could read or write. They were of the Church of
England faith. [b]

Their children were:

Burgess, George jnr, born 1838, baptised 2nd January, 1839, Chiselborough Somerset,
father a labourer -
My Great x 2 Grandfather

Burgess, William, baptised 14th August, 1841, Chiselborough, Somerset, father a labourer
of Chiselborough. Married
Rebecca Pickett on 31st May 1865, Deloraine. DNA match to
this family line

Burgess, Maria, born 4th February, 1844, baptised 13th March 1844 at St Johns
Launceston. Father George, a labourer of Muddy Plains. Tasmania. Married
William Watts
15th April 1861 at Deloraine.

Burgess, Charles, born 22nd April, 1845, Launceston, father George a labourer. Of interest
is the informant, Henry Jennings of Launceston Informary. Charles died 22nd May, 1846,
cause of death 'dentition' another term for 'teething'. Informant, mother Ann Burgess of
Muddy Plains.

Burgess, Elizabeth, born 8th January, 1847. Mother Ann of Rieleye[sic] Ford was the
informant.  Married
Francis Thow 25th December 1867 Deloraine. DNA match to this
family line

Burgess, Henry, born 1st November 1848, Launceston. Father George a labourer of
Hadspun. Mother Ann formerly Haines was the informant who signed with an X. Married
Elizabeth Waters/Walters 28th April 1871, Deloraine. DNA match to this family line

Burges [sic], Mary Ann, born 15th December, 1851, Launceston. Father George a labourer
of Hadspur, mother Ann formerly Haynes. Informant was mother Ann who signed with an X.
Joseph Whitehouse a 35 year old servant when she was just 15 on 21st May 1867
at Deloraine.
DNA match to this family line

Burgess, Edwin, born 25th December, 1854, Deloraine. Informant was father George a
farmer of Deloraine who made his mark. Married
Harriett Ramskill on 11th June 1884 at
Emu Bay.
DNA match to this family line.

Burgess, Eliza, born 5th November, 1855, Westbury. Name not included on Birth
registration. George the father or Middle Plains was the informant.  Married
Josiah Butler
10th June 1879, Deloraine.

Burgess, Louisa, 20th January 1858, Deloraine. Father a farmer. Informant not recorded.
George Walker 16th June 1880, Deloraine. DNA match to this family line

Burgess, Sarah Ann, born 18th February, 1860, Delraine. Informant not recorded. Married
Henry/Harry Johnson 17th August 1877, Deloraine. DNA match to this family line

Burgess, Martha born 2nd June 1864 at Deloraine. Father George a labourer of Hilltops.
Mother 'Rose' (sic) formerly Haines. Father George was the informant. Martha Burgess,
farmers child, died 27th July 1864 aged 7 weeks. Cause of death influenza. Mother 'Martha'
Burgess of Hilltop was the informant and witness who made her mark.

It is probable that none of the Burgess children could read or write. George, William and
Maria are known to have signed documents with an X.


George Burgess aged 71, a farmer died 9th May 1887 at Westbury Tasmania. Cause of death
was heart disease. Edward Fowell, coroner was the informant.

Daily Telegraph [Launceston] dated 8th May 1887:
Sudden Death at Parkham.— Our Deloraine correspondent, writing on Saturday, states : — It
has just been reported here that Mr George Burgess, of Parkham, has been found dead in
one of his paddocks. Mr Burgess was 71 years of age, and was a very old resident in the

Ann Burgess died 4th August 1914 at Railton.

Examiner Launceston dated 6th August 1914 reports:
On 4th August at her sons residence Railton, Mrs G Burgess sen, aged 92 years and 7
months. RIP