Note: The Buckey surname changed from the earlier spelling Buckkye during this
generation. It is probable that this family is descended from the French Huguenot silk
weavers who came to London as refugees during the 17th century and settled in

Henry Francis Buckye/Buckey born 4th March 1822, baptised 14th April 1822, Christ
Church Spitalfields,  and baptised again 25th June 1822 at Holywell Mount Independent,
Shoreditch, son of
Thomas Buckkye and Sarah Oakley.  Henry was a silk weaver like his

Susannah [Susan] Massey was born about 1826 daughter of George Massey, a gunsmith of
9 Dobson [Hobson?] place [as per marriage cert]. Possible birth 18th February 1825 and
baptism 13th March 1825, St Leonards Shoreditch, daughter of
George Massey, a gun
maker, and Ann of Webb Square.

1841 Census: Henry Buckey appears with his family, Thomas Buckey aged 55 and Sarah
aged 55 at Hunt Street, Mile End [New Town].  'Susan' Massey, a silk weaver aged 17 appears
with her mother Susan Massey aged 48, a silk weaver and Sarah aged 15, a silk weaver and
George aged 21 an umbrella maker at Hobson's Court, Mile End New Town, Stepney. Father
George is not present.

Marriage: Henry [as Buckkye] and Susannah were married on 25th December 1843 at ST
Matthew Bethnal Green [Dec Q 1843, Bethnal Green] Both were of full age and made their
mark rather than signed. Witnesses were
George Massey and Matilda Buckkye who both
made their mark. Henry's address is 18 Hunt Street.


Susan Ann Buckea/Buckey
born 29th October [or possibly December] 1843, baptised 21st
January 1844, St Leonards, Shoreditch. Father 'Francis' a weaver of New Inn Yard.  It
appears that Susan was born before her parents married. Married
James Baxter

Henry Buckea baptised 16th November 1845 St Leonard Shoreditch, father a weaver of New
Inn Yard. Married 1)  Elizabeth Page in 1869   2) Edith Jane Howard in 1896. Henry was a
cigar maker according to the baptisms of his children.

Sarah Buckea baptised 20th Februay 1848, St Leonards, Shoreditch,  father a weaver of New
Inn Yard. Sarah Buckee March Q 1848, Whitechappel. Married
Albert Cook, a butcher 9th
February 1867.

Matilda Buckey/Buckee born 30th July 1850, baptised 18th August 1850, St Leonards,
Shoreditch, abode New Inn Yard. It appears that Matilda never married. She is residing with
brother Alfred in the 1891 census, she is aged 40, single. She is a silk winder.

Charles Thomas Buckey/Buckee born 19th October 1852, baptised 7th November 1852 at
St Matthias Bethnal Green. Baptism shows father as 'Charles Thomas' Buckee, a weaver of
Fleet Street. I think this is a clerical error. Charles Thomas Buckey, a cigar maker aged 21
Mary Ann Mayes in 1872 at St Peter, Bethnal Green  [father, Henry a weaver]

Benjamin Buckey born 4th July 1854, baptised 23rd July 1854 at St Matthias Bethnal
Green, abode 2 Weaver Street. Married
Rose Miles June Q 1877,  Camberwell  1d 977 The
1881 census shows he was a coffee house keeper at 3 Osborn [sic] street, Whitechappel, a
boarding house with numerous tenants. By 1991 he is residing in Essex.

Thomas/George Thomas Buckea  baptised 27th April 1856, St Matthias Bethnal Green [as
Bucker], father a weaver of 14 Carter Street. Married 1)
Hesther Owen 1878   2) Mary Jane
1891  Thomas was a vellum binder.

James Buckhe baptised 8th August 1858, St Matthias Bethnal Green, father a weaver of 14
Carter Street. Married
Florence Elizabeth Morgan 1878. James was a cork cutter.

Alfred Buckey born 7th June 1860, baptised 8th July 1860, St Matthias Bethnal Green.
father a weaver of 24 Carter Road. Married
Elizabeth Mary Barnett Christmas day, 25th
December 1882. Alfred was a ticket cutter.

George Buckkey [sic] baptised 8th June 1862, St Matthew Bethnal green, father a weaver of
Carter Street. Possible death June q 1863. George does not appear in the 1871 census.

NOTE on St MATTHIAS Bethnal Green: St. Matthias Bethnal Green' Church, Hare-street,
was built as a chapel of ease within the ancient civil parish of St Matthew Bethnal Green. It
was built by the autumn of 1846 [Family Search website]

1851 Census: Under Barkley at Well Street, Stepney, Mile End. Henry aged 29, hand loom
weaver, silk, born Bethnal green. Susan, wife aged 25, hand loom weaver, silk, born Stepney,
Henry aged 5 born Spital Fields, Susan aged 7 born Stepney, Sarah aged 3 born Stepney,
Matilda aged 7 months born Stepney.

1861 Census: Residing 4 Carter Street, Bethnal Green. Henry is a silk weaver and Susan a
silk winder. Children Susan [no occupation], Henry [tobacco stripper] Sarah [silk weaver]
Matilda, Charles, Benjamin, Thomas, James and Alfred are also residing.

Death: Susan died March q 1871 London C.  1c 23,   age 47

1871 Census: residing 14 Carter Street and enumerated under the spelling Buckley, Henry,
a widower aged 49 with daughter Matilda and sons Charles, Benjamin, James, Thomas and

London Workhouse: Henry Buckey, weaver aged 57, widower, was admitted to the Stepney
Workhouse on 16th July 1878 suffering from gout. He was discharged on 19th August 1878 -
unconfirmed [Ancestry]

1881 Census: residing 4 Pearl Street, Spitalfields. This appears to be some sort of boarding
house as there are multiple families living at this address. Henry a widower aged 60,
occupation silk weaver and son Alfred a ticket cutter aged 20 are in residence.

Death: A possible death is Henry Buckey aged 65 September q 1885 Mile End  1c 330
Henry Francis Buckey/Buckkye
Susan/Susannah Massey

- silk weavers from Spitalfields -