The Children of

Anson Hammond Bartlett and Hannah Williams
Anson Franklyn Bartlett: born 1861, Ballarat. Also known as Frank, he was a shearer
according to his death certificate. According to a newspaper article he was one of the
leaders of the Great Shearers Strike of 1891.

Isabella Margaret Bartlett: born 1863, Ballarat. Married Alfred Edward Bates in 1886.

Hannah Easterbrook Bartlett: born 1865.Hannah Maria[sic] Bartlett aged 2 died 13th
July 1867 at Ballarat West. Cause of death was pneumonia and jaundice that she has
suffered from for three weeks. Dr Hillas was the medical attendant. She was buried on
14th July 1867 at the Ballarat Cemetery corner of Macarthur Street and Creswick Road
Area CNN Section 20 Grave 3.  [ref 7513] [i]
see photo below

Mary Dorothy Bartlett: "Dora" born 25th July 1867, Criterion Hotel Doveton Street
Ballarat. Married
Charles Wemyss Sinclair on 25th February 1885 at St Paul's pro
Catherdral, Melbourne.  Family tradition said that she married an American and had a
tobacco Plantation the USA, however this seems unlikely to be true.  [
also named Mary
Dora on her father's death certificate]

George Washington Bartlett: born 4th July 1869, Ballarat, father of Criterion Hotel,
Doveton Street, Ballarat.[Age newspaper announcement Trove] The Horsham Time dated
15th November 1895 mentions George Washington Bartlett, lumper, giving technical
evidence about the damage to a wheat stack.  Recorded as living on father Anson's death
cert in 1904. Possible death on 11th January 1907 at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne,
recorded as simply George Bartlett aged 38, usual residence South Yarra. No parents are
listed and Melbourne is stated as his place of birth rather than Ballarat. The certificates
states he never married and was a Lorry Driver. Cause of death was Phthisis Asthenia
[the general wasting or infirmary caused by tuberculosis] George was buried on 14th
January 1907 at Springvale Cemetery. If this is the correct George, and I feel it is, then
the 1903 electoral roll find him at 5** Chapel Street, South Yarra, a driver.

Boyceton [Boston] Clark Bartlett: born 6th August 1871, Ballarat, Criterion Hotel,
Doveton Street, Ballarat.
My Great Grandfather - photo below

Emily Louisa Bartlett: born 15th December 1875 at Railway Hotel Elizabeth Street,
Melbourne ref 4017.[a] Died on the 12th November 1893 at The Cottage Frankston, the
residence of her brother-in-law, Alfred E Bates [g] Buried 14th November 1893 aged 17
[from burial register details] Vic reg ref 14223/1893.   Buried Frankston Cemetery.  Her
funeral left from her late address on the arrival of the 1.20pm train from Melbourne.[g]  
Her parents are most likely buried in the same grave. Cause of death was
Bronchio-pneumonia and Brights Disease which she had suffered from for 4 months. Dr
Wilson had seen her on the day of her death. Anson was the informant. [h]

Frederick Hammond Bartlett: born 8th December 1878 at Railway Hotel, Elizabeth
Street, Melbourne [g] Died 4th March 1879 aged 3 months, Railway Hotel, Melbourne.
[ref 2352] Cause of death was diarrheoa and effusion of serum on the brain. He had
suffered from this for 9 days. Dr Lewpriere[?] has last seen him on 1st March. He was
buried on 5th of March at the Ballarat Cemetery, Area C section B Grave 13 .
Campbell Muir, Uncle, was the informant. [j]

Jane Ellen/Ellen Jane Bartlett: born 7th October 1882 at Railway Hotel Elizabeth
Street Melbourne. Also known as Eleanor Jane [c] and Nellie [d] Married
John Joseph
in Tasmania in 1908.
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Above Left: Boston Clark Bartlett

Above Right: Grave of hannah Bartlett aged 2 in Old Ballarat Cemetery. Photo courtesy of Ian