Boston Clark Bartlett and  Sarah Higgins

- my Great Grandparents -
Boston Clark Bartlett was born 6th August 1871,
Ballarat, Victoria, to
Anson Hammond Bartlett and
Hannah Williams. Records suggest that at the time
his parents owned or managed the Criterion Hotel in
Sturt Street, Ballarat.
Note: The spelling 'Boyceton'
appears on the Birth Certificate. Throughout his
life Boston spelt his name as 'Boston'. Since his
father Anson was an American, it is possible that
when registering the birth, the clerk
misinterpreted Anson's accent which resulted in
the name being registered as 'Boyceton'.
Boston was aged ten he was involved in what The
Argus newspaper [Melbourne] named 'Prahan State
School Affair'. Boston, along with another boy was
excluded from the school because they had not
brought written excuses for their previous absence.
The newspaper article can be read

Sarah Higgins was born Sugarloaf, Maitland on 21st
January 1865, daughter of
Thomas and Ann Higgins.
Sarah was the elder of twins.

Marriage: Boston and Sarah were married on 12th
November 1898 at 57 Phillip Street, Sydney according
to the rites of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Sarah's occupation is recorded as 'domestic'. Sarah's
age is recorded as 27 although she was actually 33 at
the time. Boston's occupation is listed as general

Boston and Sarah had the following children:

Leslie Higgins Hammond Bartlett; born 23rd
September, 1899 in Sydney NSW.  Never married. He
died in Griffith NSW on 17th September 1921 in a
tragic tent fire.

Thelma Veronica Bartlett; born Glebe, 25th October
1902 at 2 Mary Street, Glebe.
My Grandmother

Norman Clarence Bartlett
, born Glebe, NSW 1904;  
died 29th November 1904 at 43 Franklin Street
Glebe. Age 4 months. Cause of death exhaustion
gastro enteritis lasting 11 days. Medical attendant
Walter F Burfitt had last seen Norman on 27th
November. Norman was buried on 30th November
1904 in the Catholic Section of Rookwood Cemetery [
Mortuary Mortuary 2 Area O Grave 233 ] Informant B
C Bartlett, father of 43 Frankin Street Glebe.

Robert [Bob, Bobby] Francis Bartlett, born 4th
August 1906,  He married Lillian Ann Paine at
Ashfield NSW in 1928.

Dorothy Joan Bartlett; born Marrickville,11th
November 1910, at
7 Fitzroy Street Marrickville.
Father Boston was a marine fireman and was th e
informant.  Dorothy never married. She worked as a
doctors receptionist for most of her life. She passed
away April 2013 aged 103.
Above: Boston Clark Bartlett - date

Below: Sarah in the last years of her life.
Taken at 112 Railway Ave Stanmore,
NSW. Sarah had been carried out to the
back yard in her bed by her grandsons to
enjoy the sunshine.
Known Addresses: According to Sands Directory 1900, the couple were residing at 66 Jones
Street [Sydney?] 1903 at 84 Mitchell St, Glebe. 1906 at 34 Franklin Street, Glebe.
1908-1909 at 21 George Street, Newtown. 1910 at 80 Church Street, Newtown . In 1913 the
family were living at 13 Longdown Street, Newtown.

The Truth newspaper [Sydney] dated 19th May 1901 describes Boston and two other wharf
labourers as "hard-working and respectable looking men" when they are called as witnesses
in a case concerning another wharf labourer Joseph Timothy Cox.

1907: 0n 8th January 1907 Boston Clarke Bartlett was convicted of obstructing p
olice and
assaulting police in Wellington New Zealand. He was sentenced to 14 days imprisonment.
His description was: date of birth 1875, native of Australia, trade; trimmer, 5foot 7 inches
tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, dark complexion. At the time he had a broken nose, a cut on
upper lip and left eyebrow. His fingerprints were taken.
Newspaper report from The
Evening Post date 8th January 1907 below:

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Below: Sarah with some of her Grandchildren c1954/5
Right: Baby Dorothy Bartlett