Hannah [Ann] Williams
-  Convict  per Nile 1801 -
My Great x 5 Grandmother

Hannah [Ann] Williams was born about 1773 in Carmarthen, Wales. She was convicted of
theft at Carmarthen on 14th August 1800 and sentenced to seven years transportation. Ann
could not write. She arrived in Australia aboard the Nile on 12th December 1801. In March
1805 she travelled to Tasmania in the role of ladies maid to Eliza Paterson, wife of Lieutenant
Colonel Paterson, probably aboard the 'Buffalo' or the 'Lady Nelson'.

Hannah married  
Michael Murphy, a private from the First Fleet ship, the Sirius on the 10th
March 1811. Hannah's four daughters were baptised the same day. It is unclear as to
whether Michael was in fact the father of all of these children, however he claimed them as
his own and gave them the Murphy surname. Both Michael and Hannah signed their
marriage certificate with an X suggesting they could not write.

Michael's and Hannah's children were:

Ellinor Murphy
, born Sydney about 1803, baptised 1811 married Charles Lucas

Elizabeth Murphy
, born probably Sydney, 1804, baptised 1811. Elizabeth married three
times, the first when she was only 14.

Mary Murphy born about 1807, Port Dalrymple, baptised 1811

Jane Murphy,  born about 1809, Port Dalryple married Theophilus Feutrell - My great x 4

Michael Muprhy junior, born 1812, baptised 1814 Launceston. Married Sarah Baker,
daughter of Sarah Gilbert and William Fellows Baker

Maria Murphy, born 6th June, 1814, Port Dalrymple., christened 1819. Married Samuel
Feutrill 21st June 1830. Maria died 22nd September 1834 aged 20. One child was born,
Amelia, on 10th July 1834.

Michael Murphy left Tasmania in 1813 to go to Norfolk Island as part of a detachment
overseeing the evacuation of the island and the destruction of all buildings. It would appear
he never returned to Tasmania or saw his wife and family again.

After her husband left, Hannah had a relationship with
Timothy Daly. Daly was a convict
who arrived in the
Boyd in 1809 and who was transfered to Port Dalrymple in 1810. They
had two children Ann, born 8th September 1817 and Denis, born 21st August, 1819. It
would seem that these children lived with Daly.

By 1847 Hannah moved to New Tiers, South Australia with her son Michael and his family.
By 1853, Michael junior had moved again and was living in the Warrnambool area of Victoria.
Hannah died on 10th June, 1857. She is buried in the Warrnambool Cemetery.

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Above: Hannah Murphy [nee Williams] gravestone in Warrnambool, Victoria. [Photo courtesy of Ernest Porter and Hayden
Last Update 7th June 2015