Ann Carey

Convict: Neptune Second Fleet 1790
My Great x 5 Grandmother

Ann Carey [Cary] was born about 1772, possibly in Norfolk. [NOTE: A possible birth
might be Ann Karry baptised 17th April 1774 at St John Timberhill, Norwich, Norfolk,
daughter of Thomas Karry/Kerry/Carry/Cary and Judith Goddard/Garrod]

On 3rd August 1789 she was tried and convicted in Norfolk for stealing two handkerchiefs
and sentenced to 7 years transportation. This may have been her second conviction. The
Norfolk Chronicle dated 9th November 1786 reports that Ann Carey was charged on oath
with stealing 'divers apparel' The property of Thomas Havrell of St Julian's. The Norfolk
Chronicle dated 20th January 1787 reports that Ann Carey otherwise Kerry appeared at the
quarter sessions and was convicted of 'divers felonies' and sentenced to close confinement in
Bridewell for 12 calender months. The Norfolk Chronicle dated 25th July 1789 reports that
Ann Carey is awaiting trial in the city gaol for 'divers misdemeanors'. The Norfolk Chronicle
dated 24th October 1789 reports that Ann Carey was taken from the city gaol, conveyed to
London and put aboard the ship at Woolwich bound for Botany Bay.

Transportation: Ann arrived in NSW aboard the Neptune on 28th June 1790. In August she
was transferred to Norfolk Island on the
Surprise at the same time as Theophilus Feutrill.

First Marriage:
In November 1791 she married her first husband Stephen Gilbert, a private
in the 36th Plymouth Company of the Marine Corps, who was also stationed on Norfolk
Island at the time. There is no record of their marriage but it may have been part of mass
wedding held on Norfolk Island. One hundred couples were married but no record of their
names remains. Stephen had travelled to NSW with the First Fleet aboard the
HMS Sirius in

Ann and Stephen had three children:

Sarah Gilbert:
Born 2nd August 1792 on Norfolk Island.V1793266 1A/1793 and V1793216
4/1793 Married
William Fellowes Baker

Hannah aka Ann Gilbert: Born 1795, Sydney. Baptism reference V1795334 4/1795.
Appears to have married 1)
James McConnell, a convict. He was murdered in 1812 at Port
Dalrymple. 2)
William Burnett, a sailor, master mariner at St John, Parramatta by special
License on 12th December 1814. Hannah was a widow. Barnard Williams and Sally Gould
were the witnesses. 'Sally Gould
' is probably sister Sarah Gilbert. William Burnett vanished
aboard the Trial when it was hijacked by escaped convicts in Sydney Harbour in September

John Gilbert: Born 27th September, 1797, Sydney. V1797660 1A/1797 and V1797660
1A/1797. Died 14th January, 1799 V17991423 2A/1799 and V1799915 4/1799

The Gilbert children were also known to use the name Feutrill

Known Movements:

February 1792:
Stephen is recorded as working a land grant of 60 acres at Ball's Bay.

March 1793: Stephen and Ann left Norfolk Island on Kitty, bound for Port Jackson.  About
this time Stephen joined the NSW Corps [102 Regiment]

May 1797: Stephen shared a land grant of 150 acres at Musgrave Place with John Lewis and
John Howell

15th January 1799: Stephen received 100 of 200 acres at Bankstown granted to Michael
Murphy and himself. This was registered as being sold on 1st January 1800 to Matthew

Death: Stephen Gilbert died in Bankstown about 1799.

Second Marriage: Ann married widower  Theophilus FEUTRILL 13th August 1799 in St
Phillips Church of England, Sydney. Both Theophilus and Ann signed their marriage
certificate with an X indicating they could not read or write. Oral history suggests that Ann
could read and write and taught her children. Sons Thoephilus and Samuel could both read
and write. At the time, convicts where not expected to be literate and so were often only
asked to make their mark, rather than sign their name. This may have been the case with
Ann. Alternatively perhaps she did not want to 'show up' her new husband Theophilus who
could not write.

The Children of Theophilus Feutrill and Ann Carey

Theophilus Futrill [1] [unconfirmed] born about 1799 died 1799 [V17991283 2A/1799]
buried March 10 1799 Old Sydney Burial Ground.
Could these entries refer to Theophilus
who died in 1797, son of Ann Short?

Elizabeth Fentrill,
born 7th February, 1800, Sydney;  V1800895 1A/1800 and V1800640
4/1800. Elizabeth Futeril ]sic] died aboard the
Buffalo on 6th November 1804. Reference   
TNA Adm36/15795, courtesy of Glen Lambert, NSW Corps research project

Theophilus Futrile [2] [unconfirmed] born 1801 [V18011300 1A/1801]  Sydney;  died
before 1804 possibly  
[It is possible this entry refers to Theophilus [3] below]

Mary Ann Futrile/Futrell, born 17th April, 1802, Sydney, baptised 5th August 1804.
V18021154 4/1802 and  V18021301 1A/1802 Married
George Smith 16th January 1819,
Port Dalrymple. Died 17th March 1828 aged 26.

Theophilus Futrell [3] junior, born 18th June 1804, Sydney. V18041153 4/1804 Married
Jane Murphy. My Great x 4 Grandparents

Elizabeth Feutrill, born 1806, baptised  26th February 1811 by Rev Robert Knopwood.
John Tibbs, 3rd August 1824 Launceston, VDL.  Died 18th March 1828 aged 21,
the day after her sister Mary died.

Samuel Feutrill, born about 1809, Port Dalrymple, Tasmania. Baptised 26th February, 1811
Married (1)
Maria Murphy (2) Jane Hogben. Died 20th August 1855   Samuel married Maria
Murphy, sister of Jane Murphy above on 21st June, 1830. They had one child, Amelia born
10th July 1834. Maria died 22nd, September 1834. She was aged about 20. Samuel married
again on 19th January 1835, to Jane Hogben. Their children were: Mary Ann, born about 22
December 1835; Samuel James, born about 1st November 1837; William Thomas, born 12th
June, 1840; Theophilus, born 23rd, June, 1842; Sarah Jane, born 4th May 1845; John born
11th June, 1847. Jane died 4th June 1857 aged 37.[Died suddenly at the residence of her
father, widow of the late Samuel - Launceston Examiner]

Ann Feutrill born 1812  Died before 1819 as she is not listed on Children of Free Persons at
Port Dalrymple 1819

James Feutrill born about 1813 Baptised 9th March 1814 , Launceston. The Sydney Gazette
of 25th October 1831 carries a report titled "Dreadful Occurrence" which tells how Mr Feutril
[sic] invited a man named Wallace Turner back to the house he shared with his two brothers
where they all partook of wine, leaving Mr Turner intoxicated. He was to share a bed with
James, who awoke in the night to find Turner had grabbed him and stabbed between the
shoulders, drawing the knife down the lenght of one arm. Turner was finally subdued by
Theophilus and thrown into the street whereupon he proceeded to batter at their door until
he was taken into custody. The cause of the attack was put down to "the demonic effects of
insobriety". James recovered but doubt was held as to if he would regain full use of his arm.

Thomas Feutrill, born 22nd August 1814, Baptised 11th January 1819. [Died 5th March
1831 aged 17? under Fentrill].
- this individual needs more research -

Known Movements:

In 1804 Theophilus, Ann and their young family were transferred to Van Damiens Land

In 1815 Theophilus and his eldest son Joseph sailed for Sydney with the 73rd Regiment.
Ann and the other children remained in Tasmania. It is unlikely Ann saw her husband
again. In 1818 Theophilus and Joseph sailed for Ceylon. Theophilus was discharged in 1820
and returned to England rather than Tasmania. He died by suicide in 1821.

Death: Ann Fentril [sic] died in Launceston in 29th October 1830.
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